Adapter sockets

A common cause of faulty pressure and temperature sensors is inaccurate mounting holes. KMK offers adapter sockets for sensor mounting. Special tools for creating the mounting holes are not required, as standard tools (such as M16 or M24 thread taps) can be used, and the precise sensor mounting is already achieved in the adapter sockets.

This significantly simplifies the process for the user and helps save costs. We recommend using the adapter sockets as a standard practice. In case of a damaged thread, only the socket needs to be replaced, eliminating the need for complex mechanical repair work on the production equipment. Available at stock for the standard process connections 1/2"-20UNF-2A and M18 x 1,5.

Sealing plugs

KMK's sealing plugs allow precise sealing of the mounting holes in the ½"-20UNF-2A and M18 x 1.5 versions. Additionally, they enable inspection of existing mounting holes since the dimensions of the sealing plugs are identical to the shafts of the pressure sensors. These sealing plugs are available from stock for the process connections ½"-20UNF-2A and M18 x 1.5.

Connector plugs

KMK's melt pressure and temperature sensors are equipped with high-quality and reliable connectors. The necessary mating connectors or pre-assembled connection cables are typically available from stock for prompt delivery.

Connecting cables

Cables for KMK pressure and temperature sensors are equipped with high-quality and reliable connectors. For applications in the temperature range, thermocouple cables are predominantly used. In the field of melt pressure measurement, we offer our customers temperature-resistant PVC cables to choose from. Cables ranging from 0 to 80°C and 0 to 120°C have proven effective. The connection cables are available in lengths of 3 m, 5 m, and 10 m. Upon customer request, other lengths or special configurations can be made.

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